Send a special message this Valentine’s Day, with BEEC’s sampler of life-sized, life-like, chocolate wildlife poop:

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The Scat Collection

Once again, BEEC is offering an unusual way to express your sentiments on Valentine’s Day, with the Scat Collection— a sampler of delectables are hand-crafted by naturalist-trained chocolatiers. The samplers come with natural history information on the species represented: raccoon, otter, red fox, and moose. Ingredients have been chosen to simulate items found in the animals’ diets.

The price is $15 per box, and your purchase benefits the scholarship fund for BEEC youth programs. You will be able to find these samplers starting February 5 at:

  • Brattleboro Food Coopheartsm 17
  • Kids Playce
  • Vermont Country Deli
  • Grafton Cheese Store
  • Brattleboro Veterinary Clinic
  • Putney Food Coop
  • Guilford Country Store
  • Ratu’s Liquor & Market, Wilmington


Thank you to the volunteers who help make this project possible!