lBEEC logo5-17The Bonnyvale Environmental Education Center (BEEC) is a member-based, nonprofit organization founded in 1991 with the mission to develop a more ecologically informed citizenry through education and action in order to enhance and sustain the vitality of southern Vermont’s bioregion.

BEEC has been providing southeastern Vermont with quality outdoor education programs for more than twenty years. Programs include:

  • Environmental education initiatives, including science-based school programs
  • Youth camps and after-school programs for children in grades pre-K through 8
  • Natural history hikes and workshops
  • Professional development workshops & environmental education curriculum for county teachers.

BEEC also coordinates and leads important community-based environmental research and conservation programs, including watershed stewardship, reptile and amphibian conservation initiatives, and biodiversity planning and protection.

BEEC’s land and facilities are located at 1221 Bonnyvale Road in West Brattleboro, and include appleaster100 acres of mature forests, open pasture lands, hiking trails, sweeping hilltop views, and a classroom and office, all situated in beautiful rural setting less than 10 minutes from downtown Brattleboro. BEEC publishes a quarterly newsletter that is available through a BEEC membership.

BEEC has 2 miles of trails that are open for walking from dawn until dusk.