Summer Camp

Heifer Hill

About BEEC Camps:

Bonnyvale Environmental Education Center’s (BEEC) Nature Explorers Camp is for the young person who enjoys the natural world. Our goal is to foster children’s love of nature in a safe, supportive environment. Campers spend most of each day outdoors, in small groups, exploring the forests, meadow and waters of our 60 open acres. Non-competitive games, stories, art projects, music and a cooling ride down our gentle water slide at the end of the day add to the Nature Explorers Summer Camp experience. Children return year after year, excited to visit special places such as Grandmother Tree and Frog Pond. They also return knowing that there is much fun to be had! Campers investigate the lives’ of their wild neighbors, learn naturalist skills, explore wildlife habitats, develop their sensory awareness skills, venture off-trail, and discover a sense of magic and wonder in the Great Outdoors!


Nature Explorers Summer Camp 2015

Stay tuned! The schedule will be posted soon.  

A new theme and age group each week.

Below is information from last year to give you an idea of what to look forward to.


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2014 Nature Explorers Summer Camp

What a fun filled summer exploring the fields, woods, pond and vernal pool of BEEC, finding the magic in nature, developing our naturalist and wilderness skills, and much more!  You can see some photos from the summer HERE.

Cub Camp ~  *9am – 1pm*: ages 4-5

$140 for BEEC members, $175 for non-members*

This camp blends imagination with discovery. We will discover creatures that crawl, leap and fly as we explore the natural world through inquiry, sensory activities, and play. Stories, songs, and art projects enhance the young naturalist’s experiences.

Wee Naturalists ~  9am – 3pm: ages 5-7

$180 for BEEC members, $220 for non-members*

Each day we will explore a new facet of the natural world using all of our five senses. Campers will learn about water creatures, things with wings, and mammals of the forest through games, forest wanderings, and hands-on activities. Stories, songs, and nature art will enhance the young naturalist’s experiences.

Emerging Naturalists ~  9am – 3pm: ages 6-8

$180 for BEEC members, $220 for non-members*

Explore a new facet of the natural world each day this week. Campers will learn about plant life, the world of insects, the ways of birds, wild mammals, and predator-prey relationships. Through games, forest wanderings, and hands-on activities we will use our senses to explore the natural world. Stories, songs, and nature art will enhance the emerging naturalist’s experiences.

Magical World of Nature ~  9am – 3pm: ages 6-9

$180 for BEEC members, $220 for non-members*

Venture through the woodlands in search of small beings and magical places. Craft a home for the Wee People, make a magic potion, and turn yourself into a mystical creature. Play enchanted games and create our own fairy tale. Folklore, songs, woodland walks, hands-on activities, and art projects add to the fun!

Roots and Shoots ~  9am – 3pm: ages 7-10

$180 for BEEC members, $220 for non-members*

Explore the world of plants from the ground up on Heifer Hill. We will learn about plants through games, activities, art and nature projects. Participating in an onsite conservation project, we’ll learn about the interrelationships between plants and wildlife. Exploring different ways plants can be used, we will pick a wild edible salad and make healing salves.

Our Side of the Mountain ~  9am – 3pm: ages 8-11

$180 for BEEC members, $220 for non-members*

Embark on new adventures every day as we explore the summer woods with readings from the book My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George.  Practice sensory awareness, build natural shelters, track wildlife, listen to birds to foretell of approaching danger, and learn to identify plants for wild edibles.  Through exploration, activities and playful mimicry we’ll gain a deeper understanding of our wild neighbors and imagine ourselves living closer to the land.

Finding Our Way ~ 9am – 3pm: ages 9-11

$180 for BEEC members, $220 for non-members*

Exploring the forests and fields of BEEC, we will become aware of our surroundings and the features of the land as we build a deep sense of place. We will discover clues to direction by observing the landscape, and find landmarks to create storylines to follow. Developing our orienteering skills we will use maps and compasses to find our way, make treasure hunts for each other, and go on navigational mystery challenges.

 CubCamp frog pond