Flaming Star Nebula by Matt Partalis and Richard Smith

Flaming Star Nebula by Matt Partalis and Richard Smith

Unexplained Astronomical Phenomena
with Claudio Veliz

Tuesday, March 28,  7 PM 
(rescheduled due to weather)  

Learning Collaborative, Rt. 5 Dummerston

Something very strange is happening. Is it natural or…something more? In just the last year researchers have observed stars  which persist in avoiding revelation. In this presentation, we will discuss a growing number of discoveries by the Kepler space observatory. Are these new, natural phenomena or something that finally is suggesting we may not be the only intelligent life forms in existence…?

You will learn simple methods for finding your own objects, from the well-known to the more obscure, using accessible internet resources.  You could participate in searching for some of these strange phenomena.

This event is co-sponsored by the Dummerston Conservation Commission and Bonnyvale Environmental Education Center.

Claudio Véliz pursues a double profession. He has owned an award-winning architecture firm – Claudio Veliz   Architect   PLLC – since 1986, designing houses, institutional, retail and corporate facilities. Separately, he is co- Founder and current President of SoVerA: The Southern Vermont Astronomy Group, Inc., headquartered in Chester, Vermont. Since his first studies at the University of Florida, he has conducted work on variable stars, lectured and taught at New York’s Hayden Planetarium, Columbia University and, currently, at Keene State College with research teams and to general audiences alike. He is currently working on methods for detecting exoplanets.

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