Wildlife Rehabilitation


Burdock the orphaned porcupette after release!

This landscape is home to many species of animals. Life for wild animals is always dangerous, but humans have introduced a whole new set of hazards to the world of native animals—cars, cats, window panes, swimming pools. . . As a result you might encounter an animal in need of assistance, and need some assistance yourself.

Please call BEEC at 257-5785 (after hours and weekends, call 254-2918) if you find a wild animal that seems to need help. We can help you evaluate the situation to determine what, if anything, should be done.

BEEC naturalist Patti Smith is a wildlife rehabilitator, licensed by the Vermont Department of Fish & Wildlife to treat many species of injured and orphaned mammals.  She can also help you find wildlife rehabilitators who are qualified to treat other animals that need care.

Here are some of the animals that have been cared for this year:

Squiggy et al

Red squirrels, gray squirrel and a chipmunk were odd littermates.


Young cottontail rabbits









Thistle the porcupine



Lydia the opossum